Prep kit includes: 1x metal nail file, 1x metal cuticle pusher, 2x alcohol prep pads, 1x mini buffing block

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Our Winter/Christmas waterslide decal half sheets are sealed with an acrylic sealant to protect the printed design and can be used for any decoration on top of a basecoat and sealed with a topcoat of your choice.

  • Awesome for any and all manicure applications! Can be added over natural nails or artificial nails. Convenient for decorating your own press-on nails, with the use of nail polish or gel polish colors, also can be applied over nail polish wraps and our vinyl nail skins. Can also be encapsulated under clear dip powder. You can cut them in half or cut them in fun shapes to go with any base color or apply the full strip.
  • Suitable for professional salon and personal home use!
  • Create your own manicure or pedicure that looks stylish and stunning!

Includes: 1x half sheet 3×5″ (choose design from dropdown)

Each waterslide sheet includes strips with custom made designs and colors that can fit all nail beds! There is enough on the sheet to do all of your nails in the same style or color. Will also fit short to long nails with one or more manicure applications.

  1. Start by applying your base coat —>allow time to dry or cure completely.
  2. Cut out the design to fit the nails you plan on decorating
  3. Using a small bowl of water (one design at a time) set the waterslide, paper side down in the water for a few seconds, until the paper is completely soaked in the water. You will also start to see the paper backing start to separate from the design.
  4. Take it out of the water (use tweezers to easily grab and hold onto the design) with minimum pressure, gently slide the paper off of the design. *Because these are very thin *Start half-way then place the design on the nail bed where you want it and gently press and slide the rest of the paper off of the nail.
  5. Using your fingers or a wet paper towel or sponge, smooth out any creases or bubbles
  6. After the design has been placed and is to your liking, let dry for a few seconds.
  7. Tailor by cutting and filing any excess off. *A glass or metal nail file is recommended for a cleaner cut so that the decal does not easily tear.
  8. Always seal your designs with a topcoat.

Helpful Tips* these are printed on white waterslide paper except the Thanksgiving and Christmas individual decals. (Also see our other waterslide decals available.) The half sheet designs are sealed with an acrylic sealant just so the design does not come off in the water. They are very thin and still need a topcoat of choice for a longer lasting manicure. Works best with Gel Polish.


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