Nail art

Nail art has always been a great addition to any nail art collection. We have a combination of chunky glitter and fine glitters that are bright and a variety of sizes. You can create a charming glossy effect to any DIY manicure.

loose glitter

Nail Bling

nail gem tip

Sequins And microbeads

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Wanna know a trick to applying your favorite nail art glitter with your nail polish?

There’s nothing more festive than glittery nails. Have you ever tried to apply glitter nail polish and you’ve probably noticed that it rarely looks as good on your nails as it does in the bottle? Instead of applying coat after coat after coat making it clumpy and hard to dry. If you’re looking for that perfect, eye-catching glitter manicure without needing a dozen coats, there is a better method you should know…

  1. Start with prepping your nails
  2. Apply a clear base coat
  3. Add a color polish (if you want a color)
  4. Take your favorite clear nail polish and pour a little on a sponge (be careful not to over pour, you can always add as you go)
  5. Pour an equal amount of glitter on top of the polish on the sponge
  6. Apply your glitter mix onto a sponge and dab it onto your nails, add more as you go to get your desired sparkly look.
  7. Add a top coat to seal and protect your polish to help it last, let dry and and Wala!

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