Nail art brushes and dotting tools

Nail art brushes and dotting tools can create colorful and intricate nail designs. Say Morr Nails has 15 brushes and 5 duel-ended dotting tool sets in pink/black.

nail art brushes and dotting tools

Nail art brushes and dotting tool sets

These sets are for any type of painting Nail Art, you can use these nail art brushes and pens to create colorful and intricate nail designs, and allow your creativity to go wild! Nail art brushes and dotting tools can create different nail looks.

Brushes for nail art

You get all kinds of different brushes, including script liners (long thin brushes), fan brushes, flat brushes, and several others. They are great for painting things on your nails and also for acrylic painting.

Duel-ended dotting tools

With a dotting tool you can do all types of polka dot colors on each of your nails. the dotting tool has a small dot on one end and a larger dot on the other, so you can vary your dot structure. 5 different dot sizes: 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.5 mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm.

Did you know that Nail art brushes and Dotting tools can help you create colorful and intricate flower designs?

 You can put your own flare and style into your nail designs. Get creative with your colors and placement. Put them on more than one nail or add more than one color, vary which nails you put them on, make your flower petals diverse sizes, or whatever that suits you.

You can paint all of your nails one color and add colored flowers that compliment eachother on various nails and in different spots. Changing placement changes the look entirely so be as creative as you wish.

Adding some flowers additionally creates nails that stand out and gives your nails a fresh, neat and cute look and having the right tools will help you achieve that.

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