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Say Morr Nails LLC was founded in October 2021 and launched the SMN Enthusiast pay program on Jan 1st, 2022.

Say Morr Nails LLC Provides everybody with nail products and supplies that can be used for personal use at home.

Many months were spent researching and developing a way to bring the most innovative nail products to any and all nail enthusiasts. We are proud to be enablers of true creativity and beauty.

We hold a grateful heart to those who inspire us with their amazing designs, colors, and techniques that are being innovated every day.

We are confident that you will find exactly what you are looking for here.

Say Morr Nails LLC is a friendly community where anybody can go to bring the nail creativities to life.

We also take pride in giving the best customer service we can possibly offer.

We specialize in building confidence by delivering the best quality of products at competitive prices for all DIY nail care & supplies that are happily delivered to anywhere in the USA and Canada. We also offer our paid nail enthusiast program. 


Building confidence, one hand at a time!

Meet the Owner


Retired Nail Technician, Navy Veteran, Wife and Dog mom

“I am passion driven and enjoy the finer things in life such as traveling, the outdoors, DIY nails and being a survivor.” ~ Jenae M. Say

20+ years sales experience in the beauty industry and 14+ years with online marketing experience.


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